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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nonane \Non"ane\, n. [L. nonus ninth.] (Chem.) One of a group of metameric hydrocarbons C9H20 of the paraffin series; -- so called because of the nine carbon atoms in the molecule. Normal nonane is a colorless volatile liquid, an ingredient of ordinary kerosene.


n. (context organic compound English) Any of vary many isomeric alkanes, of general formula C9H20, having 9 carbon atoms.


Nonane is a linear alkane hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CH. It is a colorless, flammable liquid, occurring primarily in the component of the petroleum distillate fraction commonly called kerosene, which is used as a heating, tractor, and jet fuel. Nonane is also used as a solvent, distillation chaser, fuel additive, and a component in biodegradable detergents.

Nonane has 35 structural isomers.

Its substituent form is nonyl. Its cycloalkane counterpart is cyclononane, (CH).

Unlike most alkanes, the numeric prefix in its name is from Latin, not Greek. (A name using a Greek prefix would be enneane.)