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Nomura (written: 野村 lit "field village" or 埜村 lit. "wilderness village") is a Japanese surname.

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Don Nomura (born 1957), Japanese-American baseball agent
  • Katsuhiro Nomura, Japanese voice actor, including in the manga series Living for the Day After Tomorrow
  • Katsunori Nomura (born 1973), Japanese baseball player and coach
  • Katsuya Nomura (born 1935), Japanese baseball player and manager
  • Ken Nomura (born 1965), Japanese D1 Grand Prix Driver
  • Kenji Nomura (born 1970), Japanese voice actor
  • Kenjiro Nomura (born 1966), Japanese former baseball player of the Hiroshima Carp
  • Kenjiro Nomura (artist) (1896–1956), Japanese-American painter
  • Kichisaburō Nomura (1877–1964), Japanese admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy and the ambassador to the United States until the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Kodō Nomura (1882–1963), pen-name of Japarese writer Osakazu Nomura, a novelist and music critic in Showa period Japan
  • Mami Nomura (born 1964), Japanese actress
  • Michiko Nomura (born 1938), Japanese voice actress
  • Naokuni Nomura (1885–1973), Japanese admiral and naval attache to Nazi Germany
  • Takahito Nomura (born 1969), Japanese baseball player
  • Tadahiro Nomura (born 1974), Japanese Judo competitor
  • Tatsuji Nomura (1922–2013), Japanese scientist; pioneer in the development of laboratory animals for biomedical researches
  • Ted Nomura, comic book writer and artist; creator of Luftwaffe 1946 for the Antarctic Press
  • Tetsuya Nomura (born 1970), Japanese game and character designer; works at Square Enix
  • Tokushichi Nomura II (1878–1945), Japanese businessman; founder of the Nomura zaibatsu
  • Toshiro Nomura (born 1954), Japanese astronomer
  • Toyokazu Nomura (born 1949), Japanese judoka
  • Yasunori Nomura, Japanese theoretical physicist
  • Nomura Yasushi, (1842–1909), Japanese politician and cabinet minister
  • Yoshitaro Nomura (1919–2005), Japanese film director
  • Yuka Nomura (born 1984), Japanese actress
  • Inoue Masaru (bureaucrat) (1843–1910), Japanese bureaucrat; "Father of the Japanese Railways"; briefly bore the name Nomura Yakichi