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The Nommo are mythological ancestral spirits (sometimes referred to as deities) worshipped by the Dogon people of Mali. The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning "to make one drink." The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of the Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail. The Nommos are also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and "the Teachers”. Nommo can be a proper name of an individual, or can refer to the group of spirits as a whole. For purposes of this article “Nommo” refers to a specific individual and “Nommos” is used to reference the group of beings.

Nommo (magazine)

Nommo is an African-American political, cultural, and news magazine. It is a quarterly student publication based at the University of California, Los Angeles. Founded by Lance Williams, Nommo published its first issue on December 4, 1968. Editors have included Wanuri Kahiu, Lisa Smith-Young and M. K. Asante, Jr..

The name "Nommo", derived from the Dogon ancestral spirits, the Nommo, is also used for a number of other magazines, including ones published at Oberlin, (Georgia), Nashville, Saginaw, Heidelberg, and Paris.

Nommo (disambiguation)

The Nommo are ancestral spirits revered by the Dogon people of Mali.

Nommo may also refer to:

  • Nommo (magazine), an American magazine
  • Nommo Gallery, an art gallery in Kampala, Uganda managed by the Uganda National Cultural Centre
  • A race/species in the Master of Orion III game universe.
  • A jazz composition by Jymie Merritt