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n. a genus of bee; some are important pollinators of legumes [syn: genus Nomia]


Nomia may refer to:

  • Nomia, Laconia in Greece
  • Nomia (mythology)
  • Nomia, a genus of bees

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Nomia (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Nomia (Νομία) was a nymph of Arcadia, where the local people believed the Nomian Mountains to have been named after her. She apparently was a companion of Callisto, the daughter of Lycaon: Pausanias mentions a painting of the two, with Callisto sitting on a bearskin and her feet lying on Nomia's knees; there is also Pero portrayed next to them.

Nomia is also a possible name for the Sicilian nymph who loved Daphnis but was abandoned by him and, in revenge, blinded the young man and changed him into a rock.

Nomia (genus)

Nomia is a cosmopolitan genus of sweat bees in the family Halictidae. Many species have opalescent bands on the metasoma.

Usage examples of "nomia".

I take these nomias and transfer them into the keeping of Prater Hugh, in recompense for this young person, Liath, daughter of Bernard.