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n. (plural of nome English)

Usage examples of "nomes".

It said it was a thinking machine from a ship which, thousands of years before, had brought the nomes from a far Store, or possibly star.

Look, now everything was settled down more, it was time they got married like the Store nomes did, with the Abbot muttering words and everything.

But nomes are small and it had fallen quite some way, so the force was enough to knock him over.

Not long after the nomes moved into the quarry a fox was surprised and delighted to come across a couple of unwary berry gatherers, which it ate.

It was even more surprised that night when two hundred grim-faced nomes tracked it to its den, lit a fire in the entrance, and speared it to death when it ran out, eyes streaming.

He also ordered a team of nomes to twist wire around and around the gates as well.

The two nomes watching the truck hurried back into the quarry to report.

Most of the older nomes suffered from the fear of the Outside, but no one liked to talk about it much.

Even so, most of the older nomes preferred to stay in the sheds, or in the cozy gloom under the floorboards.

The nomes could hear them crunching around outside, and then more noises.

Dorcas organized younger nomes to dig drainage trenches and rigged up a few of the big lightbulbs for heat.

The nomes had spent ages during the summer hacking the hard ground into something resembling soil.

Not only was Grimma the best reader among the nomes, she also had an amazing ability to understand what she was reading.

Stationeri had been particularly upset about common, everyday nomes learning to read.

The nomes went at it cheerfully enough, though, happy to be doing something.