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Nolte is a surname that may refer to:

  • Bill Nolte (born 1953), U.S. singer and stage actor
  • Carl Nolte (born ?), U.S. journalist
  • Charles Nolte (1923–2010), U.S. actor and educator
  • Claudia Nolte (born 1966), German politician
  • Dorothy Nolte (1924–2005), U.S. writer and family counselor
  • Edwin Nolte, (1885-1940) U.S. politician, Missouri senator
  • Eric Nolte (born 1964), U.S. baseball pitcher
  • Ernst Ferdinand Nolte (1791–1875), German botanist
  • Ernst Nolte (1923–2016), German historian and philosopher
  • Georg Nolte (born 1959), German jurist
  • Harry Nolte (born 1961), German Olympic sprint canoer
  • Jerry Nolte (born 1955), U.S. politician, educator, and commercial artist
  • Jürgen Nolte (born 1959), German Olympic fencer
  • Kay Nolte Smith (1932–1993), U.S. writer
  • Nick Nolte (born 1941), U.S. actor
  • Richard Nolte (1920–2007), U.S. diplomat and analyst
  • Vincent Otto Nolte, author of Fifty Years in Both Hemispheres, or Reminiscences of the Life of a Former Merchant (1854, translated from the German)

Usage examples of "nolte".

He spoke to Nolte before the shooting, and he confirms that Nolte called McReady on his cell phone right here at the tavern.

Like I said, I was waiting for Fatso, just banging the balls around when Nolte came up and started talking to me.

Two of them just seemed to be gabbing, and I was kinda curious to find out if Nolte was going to get a payoff.

I thought the shot was something on TV until I saw Nolte fall off the stool.

And Nolte had information for McReady and wanted more for it than the Detective was willing to pay.

You heard the bartender say he actually saw Nolte pull out a knife and threaten McReady.

We heard Greenleaf tell us that Nolte knew who the head of the Hackers was and that he was going to be on easy street the rest of his life because of that.

He had to keep putting Nolte off until he had the fewest witnesses possible at the bar.

And two, he knew he was going to have to pass a breathalyzer and eventually a blood test, but he was only too willing to treat Nolte to all he could drink until the time was ripe.

McReady pay you after the shooting to say you heard Nolte threaten McReady?

This seemed to infuriate him, but I silently and begrudgingly applauded Miss Nolte for a sense of style I had hot thought she possessed.

Gwen Nolte had been hired by Dotrice to locate Faith Dahl-quist, with information on her whereabouts being provided by the Gutierrez clan.

Besides, as much as I hate to say it, Nolte only stuck around to see if you knew where your mother and Gutierrez were.

A gradual build would have been preferable, but once the film gets up to speed, there are plenty of good moments as the Hulk is captured, escapes, smashes stuff, gets recaptured, all leading to his final battle with the Absorbing Nick Nolte, looking here as ratty and forlorn as he did in his famous mug shot.

At forty-two, and with a full head of sandy hair, he looked like a man ten years his juniora young Nick Nolte, Wendy had once remarked.