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n. (context skateboarding snowboarding English) A variation of the ollie where the rider uses the front foot to pop the nose down and the back foot to scrape backwards to achieve lift off of the ground.


In skateboarding, a nollie, short for "nose ollie", is an ollie executed at the front of the board while the rider is positioned in his/her natural stance. Professional skateboarders Karl Watson, Shuriken Shannon, Tuukka Korhonen, and Sean Malto have been recognized for their ability to perform the nollie trick. A nollie can be easily confused with a fakie ollie, whereby the rider uses his/her original foot position but is instead riding backwards ("fakie" is the skateboard term for riding in a backwards direction, the opposite of your usual stance, sometimes referred to as "switch").

Usage examples of "nollie".

Leila, dancing at that long-ago Cambridge May Week--on her seventeenth birthday, he remembered, so that she must have been a year younger than Nollie was now!

I should have to hope like this that some good man would marry her--my little Nollie, a child only the other day!

Poor little Nollie, thinking that by just leaving his house she could settle this deep matter!

Just as he would point out to his wife--in the physical world, creatures who diverged from the normal had to justify their divergence in competition with their environments, or else go under, so in the ethical world it was all a question of whether Nollie could make good her vagary.

But you must remember, Gracie, that out of the swan she was, Nollie has made herself into a lame duck.