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Usage examples of "nolle".

No, once they have Ordell, they'll get the state attorney to nolle pros your case and you'll be off the hook.

I can get you nolle pressed on that, but only if you get me Ordell Robbie with guns.

They will generally have to give it up as hopeless, and renounce the attempt to have, in the intimate associate of their daily life, that idem velle, idem nolle, which is the recognised bond of any society that is really such: or if the man succeeds in obtaining it, he does so by choosing a woman who is so complete a nullity that she has no velle or nolle at all, and is as ready to comply with one thing as another if anybody tells her to do so.

I knew that it did lie before me, of course, for where the ordinary man would have met the suggestion they had made with a firm nolle prosequi, I was barred from doing this by the code of the Woosters, which, as is pretty generally known, renders it impossible for me to let a pal down.

Priding myself as I do on being a preux chevalier, I like to oblige the delicately nurtured when it's feasible, but there are moments when only a nolle prosequi will serve, and I recognized this as one of them.

I will make a small wager, and I will even give odds, that the first thing Ham O'Brien does when he gets back to Mallorysport will be to enter nolle prosequi on both charges.

At the start of the trial Toy made a motion for dismissal of the case against Fleisher based on a legal motion of Nolle Prosequi (dismissal of the case without prejudice).

The case was sent to Judge Edward Jefferies, the presiding Chief Judge Jeffries then dismissed the case on the Nolle Prosequi motion.

Defense again requested that the charge be dropped: she didn't wish to waste the Court's time and public money when the evidence clearly pointed to a nolle prosequi situation.

They will get a writ of habeas corpus, and a stay of proceedings, and a supersedeas, and a new trial and a nolle prosequi, and there you are!

When an aunt has set her mind on a thing, it's no use trying to put in a nolle prosequi.