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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Noll \Noll\, n. [OE. nol, AS. hnoll top; akin to OHG. hnol top, head.] The head; the noodle. [Obs.]

Syn: noddle, noggin.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"top of the head," Old English hnoll, cognate with Middle Dutch nolle, Old High German hnol "back part of the head."


n. (context now UK regional English) The head, especially the top of the head. (from 8th c.)


Noll is a surname, and may refer to:

  • John F. Noll (1875–1956), bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ft. Wayne, Indiana
  • Lou B. ("Bink") Noll (1927–1986), American poet
  • Chuck Noll (1932–2014), former American football player and coach
  • Kip Noll (1958–2001), American pornographic actor in gay pornographic movies and magazines in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Walter Noll (1925), German-American mathematician
  • Greg Noll (1937), also known as "Da Bull", big wave surfing pioneer
  • Ingrid Noll (1935), a German thriller writer
  • A. Michael Noll (1939), American professor in engineering and telecommunications
  • Roger Noll (1940), American economist
  • João Gilberto Noll (1946) Brazilian writer
  • Mark Noll (1946), American history professor and evangelical author
  • Shaina Noll (1955), American singer
  • Richard Noll (1959), American author and clinical psychologist
  • Landon Curt Noll (1960), American mathematician, discoverer of two Mersenne prime numbers, and a Sunnyvale, California, politician
  • Kevin M. Noll (1975), Canadian Entrepreneur
  • Shannon Noll (1975), Australian singer-songwriter
  • Keith S. Noll (a.k.a. K. S. Noll), American astronomer

Noll is also a nickname for the given name, Oliver.

Usage examples of "noll".

Two pages and three gentlemen were waiting upon him, and Mad Noll, the jester, stood at the head of the bed, now and then jingling his bawble and passing some quaint jest upon the chance of making his master smile.

I had never sent him a bill and he had never offered to pay, although after I got Bobby Vecchio to noll pross the marijuana distribution rap, Tim had offered to set me up with a hot babe in Richleigh.

I knew he had done me a favor three years ago when he noll prossed a marijuana distribution case against Tim Dugan.