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Nether soon and force his nobles and knights to honor their oaths to him, then he might as well stay here in the forests of Nold, an exile forever.

That meant the hunters were Mandrian, for no one in Nold hunted with such noise and fanfare.

Did I not expressly forbid you and the others to enter the Nold forest?

If he is a monster of Nold, then he belongs to no one and should be fair game.

Any travelers venturing forth from Nold into Mandria had to do the same, plus have all their goods searched and accounted for.

Gavril had listened to tales of danger, battles to repress raiders, commerce, adventure, good hunting, and how Thirst stood as a beacon of light and truth against the pagan darkness of Nold and other lands.

He had no quarrel with the people of Nold, and he did not believe the dwarves would harm him.

In the past, eldin had lived scattered through parts of Nold and even in the mountains of upper Mandria.

It was a small but important river town, controlling barge trade between the Nold border and Grov.

I tried to protect you, but you defied me, ran away, consorted with a foreigner, and have been traveling through Nold at a time when our lands are under fearsome attack.

Sometimes he wished himself back in the Dark Forest of Nold, apprenticed to Jorb the swordmaker.

Far away in the wilds of Nold, the frosts would be turning the foliage gold and russet, animals would be growing denser fur or changing colors in preparation for the new season, and the air would hold a cool bite.

He grew up in Nold, apprenticed to a sword-maker, and would remain there still had his family not been slaughtered in a dwarf war.

We grew up in Nold, and might be there still except for a war that broke out among the clans.

Dain wondered if such shrines were to be found in upper Mandria and Nold as well.