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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nol may refer to:

  • Lon Nol (1913 – 1985), Cambodian politician and general who served as Prime Minister of Cambodia
  • Koen van Nol (born 1974), Dutch judo practitioner
Given name
  • Nol Havens (born 1959), lead singer of band The Art Company
  • Nol Maassen (1922 – 2009), Dutch politician
  • Nol de Ruiter (born 1940), Dutch football coach and former player
  • Nol, Sweden
  • Nol Card, a smart card for public transport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Usage examples of "nol".

I can and frequently do save the man who THE SAD LITTLE SONG All sleeps at sentry post, or the deserter, but the man who tries to murder women and children, the derailer of trains, the pirate, the robber with intent to kill who when caught tries to excuse himself because he says he is a gentleman, whatever that means, nol Nor do I intend to permit Jefferson Davis to give his bastard government a name and place in society, by this method.

His name was Nol Pol, and he had turned himself over to the Cambodian army only a week before.

Cambodian Nol Pol had been deftly brought into the discussion, and was treated by all of them as an equal.

Creasy picked up one of the submachine-guns and then asked Nol Pol a question in French.

Jens and Jennings stood by the door, watching as Nol Pol climbed into the driving seat of the lead jeep.

Both Nol Pol and Creasy were wearing the Trilux night sights strapped to their heads.

The soldier backed away about a metre, but his gun was still pointed at Nol Pol.

He spoke to Nol Pol respectfully, with his sandalled feet loosely at attention.

Then they had another conversation with Nol Pol, picked up their rifles and moved down the track.

And then-Oh, nol Oh, godl-she glimpsed the two open funeral caskets, one smaller than the other, clearly intended for herself and Nicky.