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Noki (software)

Noki is a commercial utility (demo/trial version available) to explore and extract Phone book, SMS, Calendar, Memo, Bookmark and other user files from the backup file of Nokia phone (created using Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Ovi Suite).

Noki provide several ways to recover info from the backup file:

  • Contacts can be exported as vCard (.vcf file) and then copied to mobile phones via Nokia PC Suite, or they can be converted to a .csv file for transfer to Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Text messages and SMS can be exported to vMessage (.vmg file) format
  • Calendars items can be saved into vCalendar format
  • Memos and notes can be saved as .txt files
  • Media files, which remain in their own format, can be extracted

The supported Nokia backup file formats are: .nbu, .nfb, .nfc, .arc, .cdb.


Noki may refer to:

  • Noki, Angola, a community on the Congo River in Angola's Zaire province
  • Noki, a video game character in Super Mario Sunshine
  • Noki (software), a commercial utility for extracting data from Nokia phones
  • inoki, an iPhone version of the Noki software