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Noke (worms)

Noke is a culinary term used by the Māori of New Zealand to refer to earthworms, some types of native worms are local delicacies. According to Maori legend, the trickster Māui once transformed himself into a Noke Worm in order to crawl into the womb of the underworld goddess and gain everlasting life. Due to its having characteristics of both males and females, it was considered divine.

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Noke may be:

  • Noke (worms), a Māori term for earthworms
  • Noke, Oxfordshire, a village in Oxfordshire, England
  • Noke (lock), a smart padlock created by FUZ Designs

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Usage examples of "noke".

The three men working with Nokes were named Ferguson, Styler and Addison.

I stepped out of the pants, kicked them aside and, wearing only my white cotton briefs, white socks with holes in both heels and a laceless pair of Keds, looked back up at Nokes.

Besides, there is noking, be his cause never so spotless, if it come tothe arbitrement of swords, can try it out with allunspotted soldiers: some peradventure have on themthe guilt of premeditated and contrived murder.