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Nokas AS is a Norwegian security company established in 1987 as Vakt Service AS. The company is headquartered in Tonsberg (Norway). The largest shareholders is Orkla ASA and Wang Invest AS who are owned by Heine Wang, who is the company's CEO. Paal Wang, who is Executive Director, has a stake through his company PTW Holding AS.

19.08.2010 the group changed its name from Vakt Service AS to Nokas AS. The group is divided into two divisions, Nokas Cash Handling and Nokas Security. This is according to the CEO Heine Wang: "The Group is in a European market. We established operations in Sweden in 2008 and Denmark in this year. It was therefore necessary to have a stronger name. Vakt Service also provides associations that we are exclusively engaged in security. The business Guard is obviously still a very important priority, but not the only one explains Wang."

Vakt Service acquired 100% of the shares in the Norsk Kontantservice (Nokas Cash Handling) in October 2007, while DnB NOR Bank ASA had a stake of 4.7% in Vakt Service. In May 2007, Vakt Service AS 40.3% stake in Nokas after having taken over the Terra Group's ownership interest.

Nokas (film)

Nokas is a 2010 Norwegian heist film directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg. The film portrays the real life NOKAS robbery that took place in Stavanger, Norway in 2004.

In 2011, the film was screened at the Norwegian International Film Festival, where Skjoldbjærg won the award for best director and screenwriter Christopher Grøndahl won the award for best original screenplay.