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Nok is a village in Jaba local Government of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The discovery of terracotta figurines at this location caused its name to be used for the Nok culture, of which these figurines are typical, which flourished in Nigeria in the period 1000 BC - 500 AD. The artifacts were discovered in 1943 during mining operations. The archaeologist Bernard Fagg investigated the site, and with the help of locals discovered many other artifacts. Iron smelting furnaces were also found at Nok. Occupation dates far before the first iron smelting. A sample of carbonized wood found in the "main paddock" at Nok in 1951 was dated to around 3660 BC though there are questions about the reliability of this conclusion.

NOK (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "nok".

Admiral Nok is to leave Hissar Harbour and proceed to Aren as soon as his ships are resupplied.

Khin Myo climbed on behind Nok Lek and sat sideways with both feet together.

Nok Lek bought food from a nearby house, curries and scented rices and salads of mashed tea wrapped in the leaves of a banana plant.

They rode all afternoon and into the evening, when they stopped in a village, and Nok Lek knocked on the door of a small house.

Nok Lek had brought a small wreath of flowers from his bag and set this on the altar.

They pitched the tent in the center of the clearing, and Nok Lek disappeared inside to arrange the bags.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Nok Lek standing in the clearing, rifle at his side.

Nok Lek pulled another from his saddle, handed it to Edgar, and tucked the pistol into his belt.

Outside, he joined Nok Lek, who sat drinking green tea with the farmer.

Nok Lek had already boarded and was trying to push them off with a pole.

The trail was soon wide enough for two ponies, and while Nok Lek again went ahead, the Doctor rode alongside the piano tuner.

Carroll handed the reins of his pony to Nok Lek and walked carefully to the edge.

While they talked, Nok Lek unpacked several baskets filled with stuffed banana leaves, which he laid out on the rocks away from the precipice, where it was dry.

Nok Lek led the piano tuner through the crowd, speaking softly to part it.

Carroll turned and said something to Nok Lek, who removed a package from the cabinet and rolled it out on the desk.