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n. (plural of noise English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: noise)

Usage examples of "noises".

She had heard about the wide-range ultrasensitive gear that was said to pick up breathing in a radius of five klicks, but there should be enough minor noises from the generators and air conditioning units to mask her chewing, and she was terribly hungry.

Outside the capsule were distinct noises, metallic clangings, shouts, orders.

I was so damn bored, and those croaking noises they make got on my nerves, so I started trying to teach a couple of them ASL.

He held her by the bones and flesh of her face, unable to pull away, beating at him with her hands, making noises but unable to do more, and soon breathing with difficulty.

He liked so much to do things to her, to render her helpless, gasping and abandoned, his hands on her making her into his instrument, making her utter sounds, noises, making her come over and over.

He heard the bubbling of boiling water in the kitchen, the clunk as Pat's spoon hit the pot, the noises of the birds outside in the trees and the chatter of the children.

Tiny noises in infinite variety assumed a menacing quality despite the slightness of sound.

She threw on the telltagger but it only made noises appropriate to the small life-forms rapidly leaving the area.

I was just copying some of the strangled noises they made when I would talk to them and they'd try to talk back, before I realized they'd never developed the vocal equipment for true speech—that was when I started on the sign language—sorry, I'm getting mixed up.

His house familiar knew none of their language either, but it used the same means that Mage Klemay did to drive him out, as the workers of his cave were driven by hideous noises outside to work every day of their lives.

Some of them were syllables, and some were just noises, thrown in by Carialle for fun.

With a delighted chuckle, the globe-frog began to construct Standard words out of the assorted noises, touching them again and again.

It was a fair selection, representing the streams of consciousness of eighty mentalities: resentments, complaints, shouts, pains, an gers, and myriad metallic noises that some of the ki netics endured.

Sleepy avian and nocturnal bug noises punctuated the evening air as they seated themselves.

They could produce any number of identifiable noises that way, ranging from fear to bravado, agreement, dislike, curiosity, concern, enjoyment and what passed for 'Dini laughter.