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noise level

n. the amplitude level of the undesired background noise [syn: background level]

Usage examples of "noise level".

His expression held mixed feelings of vexation, exasperation and perplexity: because of the high back of the booth and the background noise level created by the other patrons of the cafe, he could catch only snatches of the conversation from the next booth.

The noise level in the cockpit was horrendous, the temperature was uncomfortably cold, and there was no way to close the cockpit door with Jerry's injured legs sticking out.

Now the noise level was building up, as the first android developed all the power in its pack to shove ahead and complete its mission.

The noise level was comparatively low and I was drinking something that didn't taste as if it was doing my system too much immediate harm.

The noise level went up by another few decibels, if that was possible, and she did what she was supposed to do: she looked not at her father, but out on to the crowd, into the battery of lenses, and waved.

Well, the graphing is up on last year's, but the noise level generated by this operation suggests it could be fifteen to eighteen per cent higher than it is.

We didn't have a picmic to overhear what they saidthe noise level in there was really bad and there were sonic cops out in the concourse, who'd have detected anything good enough to filter voices.