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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hyponitrous \Hy`po*ni"trous\, a. [Pref. hypo- + nitrous.] (Chem.) Containing or derived from nitrogen having a lower valence than in nitrous compounds.

Hyponitrous acid (Chem.), an unstable nitrogen acid, NOH, whose salts are produced by reduction of the nitrates, although the acid itself is not isolated in the free state except as a solution in water; -- called also nitrosylic acid.


Isonitroso- \I`so*ni*tro"so-\ [Iso- + nitroso-.] (Chem.) A combining form (also used adjectively), signifying: Pertaining to, or designating, the characteristic, nitrogenous radical, NOH, called the isonitroso group.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

traditional Japanese masked drama, 1871, from Japanese, literally "ability, talent, function." Dramatic form also known as nogaku, with gaku "music."


n. a form of classical Japanese music drama


NOH may refer to:

  • New Orleans Hornets
  • Nitroxyl
  • New Oriental Hotel

Usage examples of "noh".

Japanese woman on a bare stage, gesturing in the stylized manner of Noh drama, and it ends seventy-five minutes later with a naked man, emaciated and aphasic, trying desperately to tell us something.

Because Noh is a very ancient art that has always been patronized by the Imperial court, dancers in Gion consider their art superior to the school of dance practiced in the Ponto-cho district across the river, which derives from Kabuki.

And no doubt each cast included the same character types, as in Noh drama or a puppet play.

The alien could choose INFORMATION, and the subgrid could put them into planetary history, where Noh could be well prepared.