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a. (alternative spelling of no-go English) n. (alternative spelling of no-go English)

Nogo (drum)

Nogo (hangul: 노고; hanja: 路鼓) is a set of two drums pierced by a pole and played in Korean court and ritual music.

Usage examples of "nogo".

Go Nogo had reached across the tub underwater, quick as a swamp snake, and grabbed my ankle.

Go Nogo was seated on the opposite side of the tub, his face as inscrutable as it had been before.

Go Nogo picked up a robe from a peg where it was hanging nearby, and draped it around himself.

Aside from Go Nogo, the only other name I caught was that of his chief advisor, Itso Esi, a squat fellow with a scowl that went even deeper than that of Go Nogo.

I was particularly concerned about Go Nogo, who might take it upon himself as head of security to make sure that I was as helpless as possible.

Looking back, it was a fairly insane thing for me to do, to bait Nogo in that way.

There was a handful of Hamunri there, but my assumption was that most of that upper echelon of warriors was off with Go Nogo, investigating the Forked Tong business.

But if my vague suspicion was correct--if, in fact, Go Nogo was in league with the Forked Tong--then what I was saying might have an outside chance at saving my life.

All Go Nogo would have to do is take a step or two toward me, and he would easily be able to eviscerate me with one sweep.

Go Nogo immediately stepped behind her, pulling out a cloth sash and drawing it across her mouth.

The other Hamunri automatically tensed, ready for a battle, but Go Nogo simply smiled.

The noiselessness of its departure from the scabbard clearly surprised Go Nogo ever so slightly, but he covered it deftly.