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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nogging \Nog"ging\, n. [From Nog, v. t.] Rough brick masonry used to fill in the interstices of a wooden frame, in building.


n. 1 A horizontal beam used in the construction of a building, especially to strengthen upright posts 2 Rough brick masonry used to fill open spaces vb. (present participle of nog English)


n. rough brick masonry used to fill in the gaps in a wooden frame


Nogging, an architectural term, may refer to:

  • Brick nog, (nogged, nogging) term used for the filling in-between wall framing in buildings
  • Nogging or dwang, a horizontal bracing piece used to give rigidity

Usage examples of "nogging".

Besterton village was a clutter of architectural styles from timber frame with brick nogging to the phoney Georgian of the Pike residence.