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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nof \Nof\ [Contr. fr. ne of.] Not of; nor of. [Obs.]


NOF may refer to:

  • Femur neck (also neck of femur), a flattened pyramidal process of bone
  • Non-ossifying Fibroma
  • National Fascist Community (Národní Obec Fašistická), a Czechoslovakian Fascist movement
  • NetObjects Fusion, a web design tool
  • Nitrosyl fluoride
  • No Ordinary Family, a one-hour sci-fi comedy-drama TV series on ABC
  • Norsk Ornitlogisk Forening, Norwegian name of the Norwegian Ornithological Society
  • NOF Corporation or NOF Company abbreviation NOF
  • Band

Usage examples of "nof".

In the Bouches du-Rhône, where the canton of Seignon, by mistake or through routine, swore "to maintain the constitution of the kingdom," it sets aside these retrograde elected representatives, commences proceedings against the "crime committed," and sends troops against Noves because the Noves elector, a justice who is denounced and in peril, has escaped from the electoral den.

The voice of the young black-bearded Hassidic rabbi throbs through the crowded Tel Nof assembly hall, transformed to a synagogue with a Holy Ark, Torah reading platform, and even latticework to partition off the female soldiers.