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n. 1 A difficulty. 2 (context zoology English) In the Odonata, a prominent crossvein near the centre of the leading edge of a wing.

Usage examples of "nodus".

Then, Aziz said, he had rounded up a stray animal that had bolted and wandered back, loaded it with salvaged supplies, and ridden four hundred miles to the oasis settlement at Nodus Gordii.

As I installed myself opposite my companion, after having greeted her and received a murmured response, it seemed to me that I was sitting down to one of those factitious repasts which are served upon the French stage, when the table has been moved close to the footlights, and the ravishing young widow and the romantic young artist begin to manipulate the very nodus of the comedy.

In a sour mood he moved his two ships away from Tyss, accelerating in a warp field toward a point far enough from any gravitic nodus that he could generate hyperspace safely.

Then the Lamotien will turn into flyers, and we will fly to Nodi Island in the Sea of Storms and secure a second module.

There, on the Nodi beaches, Lamotien technicians carefully disassembled the mod, and helpless Nodi allowed the parts to be shipped to Zone through their Zone Gate, and thence on to Lamotien.

I suoi capelli erano divisi nel mezzo, quasi aggrovigliati sulle spalle: nodi di trecce anche lì.

If he had chosen his moment with care he could hardly have given a better proof of the rarity of places for private talk in a man-of-war, for having a confidential matter that he wished to discuss with his friend before their evening duties he said, in Latin, that he would have suggested their climbing to the mizen-top, tertii in tabulatum mali, if there had not been such a wind blowing - nodi decem - that he was afraid to make the ascent.