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n. (plural of node English)

Usage examples of "nodes".

Her own monitors had been doing their job, erasing any signs of her occasional fully wired forays onto the main nets, and there was no sign that this new Trouble, whoever it was, had been using her nodes as a staging area.

The patterns are somewhat different this night, as every night, different in the details, the intersections and nodes where the information is traded, created, recreated, but the greater shape remains much the same.

In order to take down all the forward nodes simultaneously, our saboteur would have had to open up the system somewhere downstream of the control box but upstream of where the control lines branch off to the different nodes.

A brief flicker, as if the nodes were having trouble keeping the wedge up.

Nothing that could disable those straining impeller nodes or otherwise halt the terrible Juggernaut bearing down on them.

The bulletin boards, the great sink of the BBS where all the lines of data eventually meet and merge and pool into a sink of slow transfer, limited nodes, and low-budget users, are in upheaval.

There are other nodes, she crosses them, finds at last a familiar symbol, and touches it.

Jesse waved toward a trio of nodes, and Trouble slipped her board from her bag and set it on the ledge, opening it just enough to give her access to her machines.

She passes familiar stations, nodes and virtual spaces that are shops and meeting grounds and informal brokers of one thing or another, but no one seems to notice.

In the morning, when I reached the cantina, I found the Modal Nodes already there, setting up.

She had expected something analogous to the gnomes, humanlike nodes, linked by tendrils.