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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nodder \Nod"der\, n. One who nods; a drowsy person.


n. One who nods; a drowsy person.

Usage examples of "nodder".

The nodder jerks his head back again, lifts his half-eaten, well-sauced burrito up and, using it as a pointer, motions behind him.

I will say no more on that topic now, but suggest that for the rest of the day, you become a very good nodder and listener.

Oruda and catching up with slower packtrains, threading through the humpy proboscidate beasts, loaded like the hairy, flat-footed nodders who had dusted her and Timka outside Spalit.

Knicker, to nod, and Boeken, books: plainly meaning that they were great nodders or dozers over books.