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NoDa (Charlotte neighborhood)

NoDa (short for "North Davidson") is a popular arts district in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is located in the North Charlotte neighborhood on and around North Davidson Street and 36th Street, approximately one mile northeast of Uptown. Formerly an area of textile manufacturing and mill workers' residences, the area has also served as a center for the arts. NoDa shares the same geography as Historic North Charlotte which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The name "NoDa" was coined by architect Russell Pound. In addition to historic mill houses, NoDa has seen a boom in residential construction in multifamily housing in recent years. The neighborhood has become an entertainment district focused on bimonthly gallery crawls. In addition to the art galleries, there are several music venues and restaurants in the neighborhood.


Noda may refer to:

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  • Noda, Chiba, a city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • Noda, Iwate, a village in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
  • Noda, Kagoshima, a former town in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
  • NoDa (neighborhood), Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • National Operatic and Dramatic Association
  • Yoshihiko Noda, a former prime minister of Japan (2011–2012)
  • Nöda, a municipality in Thuringia, Germany
  • Name of Chekhov, Sakhalin Oblast until 1947