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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Noctua (constellation)

Noctua ( Latin: owl) was a constellation located near the tail of Hydra in the Southern celestial hemisphere, but is no longer recognized. It was introduced by Alexander Jamieson in his 1822 work, A Celestial Atlas. and appeared in a derived collection of illustrated cards, Urania's Mirror. Now designated Asterism a, the owl was composed of the stars 4 Libra and 54–57 Hydra which range from 4th to 6th magnitude.

The French astronomer Pierre Charles Le Monnier had introduced a bird on the water serpent's tail as the constellation Solitaire, named for the extinct flightless bird, the Rodrigues solitaire, but the image was that of a rock thrush which had been classified in the genus Turdus, giving rise to the constellation name Turdus Solitarius, the solitary thrush. It has also been depicted as a mockingbird. The boundaries of the constellation were defined as longitude 0° to 26°30' and from the ecliptic to 15° S.

Noctua (moth)

Noctua ( Latin for "little owl") is a genus of moths. They have dull, cryptic forewings and often very bright hind wings. These are hidden under the forewings when the moths rest, leading to their common name of yellow underwings. They are not particularly closely related to the "true" underwing moths (Catocala) though, apart from both being Noctuoidea (and in the traditional classification, Noctuidae). They are good fliers.

Noctua (company)

Noctua is a computer hardware manufacturer of CPU coolers and computer fans for primarily the enthusiast market. The company was founded in 2005 and is a joint venture between AustrianRascom Computer Distribution GmbH and TaiwaneseKolink International Corporation.

Noctua is a highly regarded manufacturer on the enthusiast market and has, according to the official website, received more than 3000 awards for their products.


Noctua may refer to:

  • Noctua (company), a computer hardware company
  • Noctua (constellation), an archaic constellation
  • Noctua (moth), a genus of moths
  • Athene noctua, a species of owl

Usage examples of "noctua".

I am Noctua, the daughter of the Night, and the daughter too of him whom you have come to slay.