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a. (context meteorology English) shining or glowing at night, especially of very high-altitude clouds that reflect sunlight long after sunset.


adj. shining or glowing by night; "the noctilucent eyes of a cat"


Usage examples of "noctilucent".

In summer, stores and taverns and workshops stayed open from dusk until dawn, fishing boats set out at midnight to trawl the black river for noctilucent polyps and pale shrimp, and the streets of Aeolis were crowded and bustling beneath the flare of cressets and the orange glow of sodium-vapor lamps.

All of them, however, were stitched together by a complex web work of rigid, brilliant lines of light - some ruby-red, some sapphire, some topaz - which were even more difficult to understand, because, although they could be plainly seen to be brighter than the drifting noctilucent clouds, they did not seem to contribute anything to the more general illumination.