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Nocte (Spanish Horror Writers Association)

The Spanish Horror Writers Association, Nocte, is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote horror literature written in Spanish by Spanish authors. Nocte aims at offering a meeting point for writers who tackle horror, dark fantasy or, as Harlan Ellison cleverly called it, “fiction of the macabre”. Among its activities, NOCTE helps horror writers to spread their works as far as possible, through the media and horror cons, and publishes anthologies of short stories written by its members.

NOCTE also wants to be a bridge for organizing writing workshops and meetings of horror-focused writers, to promote creative exchange among its members and find out and boost new talented horror writers.

Usage examples of "nocte".

The two most famous lines are a procession of negatives:- Ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbram, Perque domos Ditis vacuas et inania regna.

Or, as Roger Mifflin remarked during a passing enthusiasm for Ambrose Bierce, the true noctes ambrosianae are the noctes ambrose bierceianae.