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Gus Noblier had ruled Partout Parish off and on for fifteen of his fifty-three years three consecutive terms, one election lost to the vote hauling and assorted skullduggery of Duwayne Kenner, then a fourth victory.

That makes you culpable in the civil suit, Noblier, and, by virtue of the fact that you did not suspend Fourcade from the Bichon case after his obvious attempt to plant and manipulate evidence, you may well be guilty of collusion on the assault.

There was no doubt in her mind that every uniform in the place knew Noblier had called her into his office, and why.

Sheriff Noblier had smashed it flat beneath the weight of his authority this morning.

The mob split into factions then, some of them running back up the courthouse steps as Kudrow emerged, some trailing after Noblier as he drove away in his Suburban.

She had no intention of taking the thing to Noblier and making a bad situation worse.

She stared at Gus Noblier, disappointment and betrayal humming inside her like a power line.

It was the kind of job she had set her sights on, but unless she reversed her fortunes in the department, hell would freeze over before Noblier promoted her to detective.

It made her stomach hurt to imagine what Noblier would have to say about it.

Pritchett was simply looking for ammunition to use against Noblier, and Annie wanted no part of that feud.

I caught it instead, and Noblier left it that way, even though Stokes had worked the stalking angle.