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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Nobile (aristocracy)

Nobile, traditionally abbreviated to Nob., is an Italian title of nobility ranking between that of knight and baron. As with some other titles of nobility, such as baron or count, nobile is also used immediately before the family name, usually in the abbreviated form Nob..

The word “nobile” is derived from the Latin “nobilis”, meaning honourable.

The heraldic coronet of a nobile is composed of a jewelled circlet of gold surmounted by five pearls, either on stems or set directly upon the rim. The armorial shield of a nobile is surmounted by a silver helm displayed in a ¾ side-view and surmounted by the coronet already described. A noble entitled to wear a coronet of noble status also customarily displays it above the shield in the full heraldic achievement associated with the particular title in question.

Nobile (crater)

Nobile is a lunar crater that is located near the southern pole of the Moon. It lies to the south of the crater Scott, along the western rim of Amundsen. Between Nobile and the southern pole lie the smaller craters Shoemaker and Faustini.

This is an eroded crater formation that is almost constantly cloaked in deep shadows. When sunlight does enter the interior of this crater, it does so at a very oblique angle. The crater rim is overlaid by several lesser craters, the most notable being a formation about half the diameter of Nobile along the western rim. There are also small craters along the southwest and northern parts of the rim. The outer rampart of Amundsen overlies the eastern rim and inner wall. The interior floor of this crater is somewhat irregular, and there are a few small craterlets across the surface.

Nobile was previously designated Scott A before being assigned a name by the IAU.


Nobile, a Latin word meaning noble, may refer to:

  • Nobile (aristocracy), the Italian equivalent of the landed gentry
  • Nobile (crater), a crater on the moon

Usage examples of "nobile".

He seemed about to say more but clamped his mouth tightly closed when Nobile glanced at him without a smile.

Rocco Nobile reached his hand up to his shoulder and snapped his fingers.

Rocco Nobile helping them, and with checks for two thousand dollars each in their pockets.

A day later, Rocco Nobile, standard bearer of the Bay City Improvement Association, announced that he had received a contribution from an anonymous donor which would enable the association to set up a free medical clinic for Bay City residents who could not afford private doctors.

Rocco Nobile, a self-made multi-millionaire who had made a giant fortune in the oil importing business, had moved to Bay City.

Rocco Nobile, has got his hand in the numbers on an operational level, which is brazen.

He dropped Chiun off at their rooms, then drove back to the honky-tonk block in Bay City where the Rocco Nobile Improvement Association was headquartered.

Rocco Nobile, had come into the town, gotten himself installed as mayor and was now turning the city over to the Mafia.

Rocco Nobile felt satisfied that within the next few weeks more of the vacant lofts along River Street would soon have new tenants, new and thriving businesses.

They talked about the impending city budget, about which Mayor Nobile knew nothing and cared less and they talked about the prospect of payroll cuts and Nobile told them to do whatever they wanted.

When the meeting was over, he asked the three councilmen who had voted him into office to stay for a few minutes and when the two abstentions had left the room, Nobile handed the councilmen fat envelopes filled with cash.

Rocco Nobile gets himself knocked off by The Eraser or by anybody else for that matter?

He wanted Nobile to know he was in danger, that there was a killer after him, and when the time came, he wanted to see Nobile squirm a little bit before he finished him off.

Chiun strict orders, which he had couched as a humble request from the Emperor to the all-knowing, all-noble personage of the Master of Sinanju that Chiun not tell Rocco Nobile anything about CURE or Harold W.

Rocco Nobile had been working for CURE for almost five years and if he had gone that long in the dark, it was probably best to keep him there.