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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nobby \Nob"by\, a. [From 2d Nob.] Stylish; modish; elegant; showy; aristocratic; fashionable.


a. 1 (context UK English) wealthy or of high social position; of or pertaining to a nob (person of great wealth or social standing). 2 (context US English) fashionable or chic.


Nobby is the diminutive form of the name Norbert. It is also a nickname most commonly used in English for those with the surname Clark or Clarke.

Nobby (boat)

The nobby is an inshore sailing boat which was used as a traditional fishing boat around Lancashire and the Isle of Man. The Lancashire nobby originated in Morecambe Bay about 1840 and around Southport. It subsequently came into widespread use down the north west coast of England. The Manx nobby first appeared in the 1880s and was used around the Isle of Man. Many localities on the coast of Great Britain developed their own type of fishing boat adapted to local fishing and sea conditions, and the nobbies are examples of this.

Nobby (Antarctica)

Nobby is a rock at the southeast end of the Clerke Rocks, lying some 40 nautical miles (70 km) east-southeast of the southeast end of South Georgia. The Clerke Rocks were discovered by Captain James Cook in 1775. Nobby was probably given this descriptive name by DI personnel, who made surveys of the South Georgia area in the period 1926-30.

Category:Rock formations of Antarctica

Nobby (disambiguation)

Nobby is a diminutive form of the name Norbert or a nickname.

Nobby or Nobbie may also refer to:


  • Nobby, Queensland, a town in Australia
  • Nobby Nunatak, Trinity Peninsula, Antarctica
  • Nobby (Antarctica), a rock near South Georgia Island

Other uses:

  • Nobby (boat), a fishing boat
  • Nobby, a strip in the comics Buzz and later The Topper
  • Nobbie Dzinzi, a politician elected in the Zimbabwean parliamentary election, 2000
  • Nobbie, a character in the British television series Babylon
  • Corporal C. W. St. J. "Nobby" Nobbs, a character in the Discworld book series.

Usage examples of "nobby".

Nobby, Brokenose, Macca, Keith, you blokes first, change every ten minutes with someone else.

I found Neddy and Nobby Hellroarer outside the walls of this place planting a listening bug.

Nor was there any chance for lights of the Palace to meet those lights of the Halls--Madame Nemesia and Top Nobby.

Chin in hand, Judge Noy surveyed the bullet-riddled body of Nobby Kilgan.

There was also the attack against you, Judge Noy, the night when Nobby Kilgan was killed.

Latimer strolled along beside Beatrice, Nobby tucked under one arm, talking of this and that in his deep voice.

As it extended, I brought out a line of goods suitable for kings, and a nobby thing for duchesses and that sort, with ruffles down the fore hatch and the running-gear clewed up with a featherstitch to leeward and then hauled aft with a back-stay and triced up with a half-turn in the standing rigging forward of the weather-gaskets.

Please find enclosed pictures of my room and my freinds in the Watch, Nobby is the one making the Humerous Gesture but he is a Rough Diamond and a good soul deep down.