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Noakes is a surname of English origin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Noakes, British academic and writer
  • Benedict Grant Noakes (born 1965), British television producer
  • Chris Noakes (born 1985), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Edward Noakes (1863–1944), English clergyman
  • George Noakes (1924–2008), Bishop of St Davids and Archbishop of Wales
  • James Nokes (died 1692), English actor
  • John Noakes (born 1934), British actor, presenter and television personality
  • John Noakes (cricketer) (1802–1840), English cricketer
  • Kim Noakes (born 1982), New Zealand field hockey player
  • Michael Noakes (born 1933), English artist and portrait painter
  • Rab Noakes (born 1947), Scottish singer-songwriter
  • Roy Noakes (1936–2002), British sculptor
  • Sheila Noakes, Baroness Noakes (born 1949), British Conservative politician and former corporate executive
  • Tim Noakes (born 1949), professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town
  • Vivien Noakes (1937–2011), English writer and literary critic
  • William Noake (1690–1737), High Sheriff of Berkshire in England