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pron. (alternative form of no one English)

Usage examples of "no-one".

After all, no-one understands aphids better than the ladybeetle, whose life centres on eating as many of them as possible.

And no-one makes better hunters than the beetles and spiders who devote their entire lives to trapping and capturing insects.

Now there was no-one pure enough to continue the line without polluting it, so Shay-Tarrazin made do with his plump young concubines and his ivory stallions, and watched his power slowly settle until he relied entirely on the news of couriers for his dealings with the outside world, and hardly ever left the grounds of his palace.

Pawning his gold watch in Cummins of Francis street where no-one would know him in the private office when I was there with Pisser releasing his boots out of the pop.

No-one here seemed ave reached below his guard: even those journalists obviously tile to him wrote articles that lacked sting.

He raised his hands to draw the appropriate gestures in the air, and since no-one was near, spoke aloud the words of a very minor binding, erecting a lockshield around his bags.

There was apprehension, but little fear or panic, for no-one believed that the Overlords would take any violent or destructive action which would involve innocent and guilty alike.

No-one, not Belial, not Rivkah, not even the Sentinels, had yet told Faraday about Azhure or about Caelum.

All that matters now is the sad and indisputable fact that no-one has ever seen him since that evening.

No-one spoke for a long moment, then one old woman cackled and gestured.

No-one told me I'd have to cope with chilblains while dealing with dragons.

No-one further down the stream had yet showed ill effects, although the way in which they were contaminating the stream disgusted her.

No-one in Borneheld's company knew that it was because Axis and his command had hurt the Skraelings so grievously in the icy wastes above Gorkenfort that the SkraeBolds had needed to regroup the decimated Skraeling forces.

  Something that both Dibblers were agreed on was that, if they’d been in charge, no-one would have been able to get away with such a low-grade war.

If Xexo grinned fatuously as he tended the generators at Aurigae Tower and adopted a smug smile whenever Rojer was mentioned, no-one contested him when he'd allude to Rojer's progress as one of his own better 'engineering' accomplishments.