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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Handwritten signs in the restaurant are a no-no.
▪ A word of warning, though-counters are generally considered a design no-no.
▪ And crying for me was a big no-no in business life.
▪ Apparently, this is a no-no in insurance land.
▪ Earrings and heavy chains around the neck are a no-no on the field.
▪ In technical terms, this is a big no-no.
▪ The use of fresh ground beef is a no-no.
▪ There is lots of touching, and I think touching, in our society, is a real no-no.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

no-no \no"-no\, n. Something improper, unethical, inadvisable, or illegal; as, salt is a no-no for someone after a heart attack. [informal]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1942, from reduplication of no.


n. 1 (context colloquial often childish English) Something that is forbidden, prohibited, discouraged or taboo. 2 (context baseball colloquial English) A no-hitter; a game in which no batter on one of the teams got a hit.


No-no, No-No or no-no may refer to:

  • No-hitter, also called a no-no, a baseball game in which a team was not able to record a single hit
  • Elastic No-No Band, a musical group based in New York City's anti-folk scene, active from 2004–2011
    • No-No's (Leftovers and Live Songs), is the second official CD release by the antifolk group Elastic No-No Band
    • The Very Best of Elastic No-No Band So Far, the first official CD release of the antifolk group Elastic No-No Band
  • Judy's Little No-No, a 1969 crime film about a go-go dancer who is targeted by gangsters after coming into possession of a priceless jewel
  • No-No Boy (play), a play written by Ken Narasaki adapted from the novel of the same title by John Okada
  • No-No Boy, a novel by John Okada about a Japanese-American set in 1946 in Seattle, Washington
  • Noo-Noo, a character in the television series Teletubbies
  • No-no, a term, usually used when talking to a young child, meaning something bad or dangerous; i.e. "a big no-no".

Usage examples of "no-no".

Forced disconnections in burndives were an absolute no-no, especially if you had implants.

I think at one point there were nurses from the Air Force who flew in with the helicopters to get the wounded out, which was a no-no.

He told Brytanni that he couldn't possibly have his aura fluffed until he'd gotten his chakras aligned, and doing both in close succession was almost as big a no-no as going swimming less than half an hour after eating.

  Oops, grepping other people's files is a no-no, forget I ever suggested it.

Oops, grepping other people's files is a no-no, forget I ever suggested it.

Sometime during the years when they were all busy learning to shave, to drive, to smoke, to fuck around a little, all that good shit, the Environmental Protection Agency had come into being, and the EPA had decided dumping raw sewage - and even gray water - into rivers and streams was a no-no.

Not a rock body I'd sayso the idea of a hollowed-out asteroid is a no-no.