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The Collaborative International Dictionary

no-go \no-go\ adj. not functioning properly or in suitable condition for proceeding; as, the space launch was no-go. Opposite of go, a.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

with sense "where it is forbidden to go," 1971, from no + go (v.). Earlier it was a noun phrase for an impracticable situation (1870).


a. 1 Not functioning properly. 2 Of a place, not to be entered. n. (alternative form of no go English)


adj. not functioning properly or in suitable condition for proceeding; "the space launch was no-go" [ant: go]

Usage examples of "no-go".

Billy the Kidney, the Jism Gang and I finish you and the opposition at the No-Go Corral and then plunder the outlaw savings at the Ovum Bank.

Gate I decided to give it another ten minutes before phoning no-go to Mansfield, but the thought of his reaction made me in no hurry to put through the call.

He had always known that the city was corruptand dangerous too, though not in a filthy obvious way like those dark parts of New Jersey and Brooklyn and the no-go zones of America where there were ruins and no skylights and even the police were dangerous.

A simple review of our metapsychic armamentaria should show who in the family is a go and who's a no-go in the PK and creativity necessary to pull off the stunt.

The Cardies blew away our no-go wall between Cafe Bilge and the paint factory.

But he thought he could still detect a sort of no-go area around them.

Just so long as no-one could see or hear what was going on inside it remained under a flag of uneasy truce, on the frontline of a no-go area.

These guys would walk into a no-go area and you'd assume they had a perfect right to be there just because they behaved as if they had.

These were violent times, so the idea of a no-go area for Charity residents was ridiculous—.

You can spend endlessly, paying your educational system from school-marms to professors to teach the young why it's no-go.