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NLP may refer to:

Computer science
  • Natural language processing, the field of computer science concerned with human speech as it is spoken.
  • Natural language programming, an ontology-assisted way of programming in terms of natural language sentences.
  • Normal link pulse, a signalling mechanism used in Ethernet
  • Nonlinear programming, method for solving an optimization problem in mathematics
Ophthalmology Political parties
  • National Labour Party
  • National Liberal Party
  • New Labour Party
  • Natural Law Party
  • National Loktantrik Party
  • Norwegian Labour Party
  • New Left Party
  • National Library of Pakistan
  • National Library of the Philippines
  • National Library of Poland
  • National Library of Portugal
  • National Library in Prague
Personal development
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
News and media
  • New Line Productions, American film studio also known as New Line Cinema
  • The Non-League Paper, a weekly English sportspaper