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NLO (Russian magazine)

NLO (, shortened from Невероятное, Легендарное, Очевидное (Incredible, Legendary, Evident)) is a Russian weekly magazine, printed by Kaleydoskop publishing house and featuring paranormal phenomena-related articles. Founded in 1994, the magazine have been repeatedly published as a newspaper. The name alludes to the Russian abbreviation of UFO (НЛО).

NLO''s demy is A4, circulation: 200,000. The issue frequently changed its appearance and logo, being a newspaper, magazine and, most recently, a newspaper-like magazine.


NLO may refer to:

  • New London Orchestra
  • Fernald Feed Materials Production Center
  • Naval liaison officer
  • Naval Live Oaks Reservation
  • Wi-Fi Network List Offload
  • Norman Lockyer Observatory
  • Non-linear optical material
  • Russian and Bulgarian transliterated abbreviation for UFO
  • NLO, Russian print issue
  • Nobody Likes Onions.
  • Next to Leading Order, in the scientific context. This expression can be understood within the Taylor series formalism, referring to the second term of the series — though its use extends much further the Taylor series, which here has to be seen as an example only.