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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nival \Ni"val\, a. [L. nivalis, fr. nix, nivis, snow.] Abounding with snow; snowy. [Obs.]


a. (context obsolete English) Abounding with snow; snowy.


Nival may refer to:

  • objects, organisms or places related to snow
  • Nival zone highest vegetation zone in alpine regions
  • Nival (company), a global video game developing company

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Nival (company)

Nival is a Russian video game developer headquartered in Saint Petersburg. It was founded by Russian games industry veteran Sergey Orlovskiy in 1996, who currently serves as company CEO. With offices in Hallandale Beach, Florida.; Kiev, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus and St. Petersburg, Russia, Nival has four development studios.

Usage examples of "nival".

Framed in the golden light, they were as clear as a motion picture, acting out their roles, celebrating car nival in their own intimate way.

Since it was already immortal, Nival as a statistical and intellectual exercise--in essence, 7as a nearly pure distillation of the old saw Cogito, ergo , therefore I am.