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NIU or Niu as a name can refer to:

  • Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, Illinois, United States)
  • Northland International University (Dunbar, Wisconsin, United States)
  • Niue ( ISO country code)
  • Network Interface Unit (telecommunications); see Network Interface Device (NID)
  • National Ilan University
  • National Intelligence University
  • Liang (surname), pronounced and romanized as Niu in several southern Chinese variants
  • Niu Sale (born 1959), American football player
  • David Niu, Australian-American rugby league footballer and coach
Niu (surname)

Niu (nju) is the pinyin romanization of Chinese surname of 牛 (Niǔ).

Niu was listed 310th on the famous Song Dynasty list of the Hundred Family Surnames.

Usage examples of "niu".

But Yukiko was daughter to Niu Masamune, lord of Satsuma and Osumi Provinces and one of the wealthiest, most powerful daimyo.

However, Niu Yukiko has already been returned to her family for burial.

Ah, there it was: the Niu clan symbol, a dragonfly within a circle, painted in red on a white banner.

But if you would be so obliging as to come with me, Lady Niu will see you.

Lady Niu was a striking figure in her aqua kimono printed with colorful landscapes.

Lady Niu was a fascinating study in contrasts: a woman whose appearance combined beauty with strength, who radiated femininity but did not let convention shut her away from the world.

Lady Niu said, nodding toward a standing screen on one side of the room, halfway between her and Sano.

Eii-chan moved quickly, the instant before Lady Niu spoke, as if anticipating her order.

It was a distraction that might render Lady Niu less cooperative, and himself more likely to make a misstep.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lady Niu shift restlessly, but she did not intervene.

Lord Niu continued, his smile widening into a grin that revealed perfect teeth.

All I did was ask a few questions, which she and young Lord Niu seemed glad to answer.

Intuition told Sano that a direct connection between Noriyoshi and the Niu clan must exist, that it provided the motive for the murders.

When Lady Niu crossed the floor to stand beside him, she saw that his face wore the rapt expression of deep meditation-eyes half closed, lips parted, he seemed unaware of his shivering body, or that the cold had raised bumps on his bare arms.

Fearful for his health, Lady Niu walked over to the window and closed it.