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n. A tropical tree of the genus (taxlink Parkia genus noshow=1), having edible pods and seeds, especially (taxlink Parkia filicoidea species noshow=1) or (taxlink Parkia biglobosa species noshow=1).


ÀNitta may refer to:

  • Nitta, Sweden, a locality in Ulricehamn Municipality, Västra Götaland County of Sweden
  • Nitta, Gunma; aka Nitta, Nitta, Gunma, Japan. A town in the district of Nitta of the prefecture of Gunma in Japan
  • Nitta District, Gunma; aka Nitta, Gunma, Japan. A district in the prefecture of Gunma in Japan
  • Nitta clan (新田氏), a major noble family in medieval Japan
    • Minamoto no Yoshishige aka Nitta Tarō (1135-1202), founder of the Nitta clan
    • Nitta Yoshisada (1301-1338), samurai commander
    • Nitta Yoshiaki (died 1338), samurai
    • Nitta Yoshioki (died 1358), samurai
    • Nitta Yoshimune (1335-1368), samurai commander
    • Nitta Yoshisuke (1305-1340), samurai
  • Nitta Oyako (Hiroshi and Masahiro), Japanese music act
  • Akeomi Nitta (born 1973), Japanese kickboxer
  • Daisuke Nitta (born 1980), Japanese football player
  • Emi Nitta, Japanese voice actress
  • Eri Nitta (born 1968), Japanese singer
  • Sandra Nitta (born 1949), American swimmer
  • Youka Nitta (born 1971), Japanese yaoi manga artist
  • Yudai Nitta (born 1986), Japanese track cyclist
  • Kazuya Nitta, a character in Ginban Kaleidoscope
  • Nitta Station, multiple train stations in Japan
  • Nitta Maru (the ship "Nitta"), former name of the Japanese aircraft carrier Chūyō

Usage examples of "nitta".

When Wisteria arrived and met Lord Mitsuyoshi in the next room, Nitta watched them through a hole in the partition.

Sano and a team of his detectives arrived to call on Nitta the next morning, a hard, brilliant blue sky arched over the castle.

Sano kept his manner deferential, because if Nitta proved not to be the murderer, he could become a formidable enemy.

There, Nitta performed the ritual of welcoming Sano and serving tea with an elaborate courtesy that conveyed his antipathy more clearly than could blatant insults.

That Nitta would expect him to believe this limited version of events, and never find out that there was more to the story, insulted his professional honor and goaded Sano to speak boldly.

However, Nitta had a reputation as one of the few honest men in a corrupt bureaucracy.

Sano, because Nitta had placed himself at the scene where the murder had occurred, at the crucial time.

But they found no sign of Lady Wisteria, nor any evidence to connect Treasury Minister Nitta to her or the murder.

Detectives Fukida and Marume and some troops, again rode to the pleasure quarter, this time in pursuit of the entertainer whom Treasury Minister Nitta had implicated in the murder.

Fujio was the killer and sought to incriminate Nitta the way Nitta had tried to incriminate him, Sano thought.

The last night I spent with Wisteria, she said Nitta has been stealing gold from the treasury.

But I think she blackmailed Nitta, and he killed her to keep her quiet.

When Nitta got there, he thought Mitsuyoshi was asleep, and he killed Wisteria.

Detective Marume had learned that Nitta was patron to many courtesans besides Wisteria.

Perhaps the unnamed lover from Hokkaido was just as possessive toward Wisteria and jealous of her clients as Nitta seemed.