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n. (misspelling of niche English)

Usage examples of "nitch".

Mreee and what the military now believes to be Nitch, the giant spider species we had previously only heard about from the Mreee.

The Mreee and the Nitch were not as hard targets as the Titcher units and Bill felt that the gun, which was the first Gatling gun accessorized with a semiauto selector switch, was more in keeping with the threat.

Mreee and Nitch had been passed through the gate, or how many had been moved up close to their intended assault point, or how many had been drawn off by the earlier attacks.

The ridgeline to the west had just spotted itself with what were apparently Mreee and he could see a whole passel, company, maybe battalion, strength, of Nitch running up the road into the hollow.

Mreee on the ridgeline could pour fire into them, just as they and the 101st had poured it into the scattered bodies of Mreee and Nitch in the hollow.

This time two Nitch were turned into spider-goo and a couple behind them dropped to the ground, their legs writhing frantically on the ground.

Bill was struck in the side, the box knocked out of his hands, as a Nitch coming out of the gate caught him with one of its front legs.

As the Nitch, pouring some sort of goop out of the hole, stumbled downward, he struck upwards and punched it in the thorax.

It felt oddly stiff when I took it, and my inquiring look made Nitch sniff the louder.

His servant, Nitch, sewed a thing into my tunic, a thing of wires and beads, a thing like these things.

I was led to a remembrance of the devices which Nitch had sewn into my tunic the year before.

Either there never were any, and that may well be the case, or Nitch took them when he went.

I had been protected in Schooltown, how Mertyn and Nitch had protected me.

I think Huld sought Nitch, sought him and found him, perhaps killed him for what he knew.

And perhaps Huld had not thought to Read Nitch concerning books, so perhaps the books are gone forever.