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Nisibis (East Syrian Ecclesiastical Province)

The Nisibis region was a metropolitan province of the Church of the East between the fifth and seventeenth centuries. The province of Nisibis (Syriac: Nisibin, , often abbreviated to Soba, ) had a number of suffragan dioceses at different periods in its history, including Arzun, Beth Rahimaï, Beth Qardu (later renamed Tamanon), Beth Zabdaï, Qube d’Arzun, Balad, Shigar (Sinjar), Armenia, Beth Tabyathe and the Kartawaye, Harran and Callinicus ( Raqqa), Maiperqat (with Amid and Mardin), Reshaïna, Qarta and Adarma, Qaimar and Hesna d'Kifa. Aoustan d'Arzun and Beth Moksaye were also suffragan dioceses in the fifth century.

Nisibis (disambiguation)

Nisibis may refer to :

  • the Classic Greek name of Nusaybin (or Nizib), a presently Asian Turkish city on the Syrian border, which was an archbishopric in Mesopotamia Prima
  • its various Catholic successor sees, all titular archbishoprics :
    • Nisibis of the Romans (Latin Rite)
    • Nisibis of the Armenians (Armenian Rite)
    • Nisibis of the Chaldeans (Syro-Oriental Rite)
    • Nisibis of the Maronites (Byzantine Rite]])
  • the former Ecclesiastical province of Nisibis in the East Syrian church