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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nipa \Nipa\ prop. n. A monotypic genus of palms of Australasia.

Syn: genus Nipa, Nypa, genus Nypa.

2. from sap of an Australasian palm.


n. 1 A palm tree of the species (taxlink Nypa fruticans species noshow=1) 2 A liquor made from the sap of (vern nipa palm pl=s). 3 The leaves of the nipa palm, when used as a material for thatching, basketry or other uses.


NIPA, Nipa or nipah may refer to:

  • Nipa palm, Nypa fruticans
  • Nipa grass, Distichlis palmeri
  • Nipah virus, a Henipavirus
  • National Income and Product Accounts (United States)
  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency ( South-Korea)
  • National Institute of Public Administration (Malaysia)
  • National Institute of Public Administration (Pakistan)
  • National Institute of Professional Accountants
  • Nipa, a Barangay in Palapag, Philippine
  • Nipa, a village in Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Usage examples of "nipa".

In the first glow of the WP they could see that the roof was partly nipa leaves, and the fronds burst into fire at once.

Western now, but some nipa huts with their thatched roofs were still mixed in.

The village itself was of nipa shacks on stilts, all of them located near the volcano.

His steady shack, Dottie the bowlegged whore, cared for him and hid his shoes so he would be faithful, but nothing worked, so she tried suicide from the second floor of a nipa hut and became Dottie the bowlegged whore.

He had visions of sleeping with her in a tiny nipa hut, surrounded by jungle, washed by rain, devoured by her muscular body.

The Trick rented the largest of the nipa huts on the beach and I, childishly, took a smaller hut near it.

Across the tepid water ten nipa huts dotted the scrub grass at the edge of the beach.

And here they lay their crosses down, not on a significant, bald hill, but among scattered nipa huts, on a dry, dusty street thick with stray dogs, rooting pigs, occasional chickens, and watched by the vaguely religious, the curious, and the sick.

Jack, who had followed their chum to the nipa hut, now entered and stood by the door.

And this was the situation when the boy, following clues secured at the nipa hut and hints obtained from Pat, who had kept his ears open during his captivity, and from French, had sailed away for Japan with his chums on a steamer which was leaving Manila for Yokohama.

Ned could not understand was the matter of the despatches handed the Lieutenant by the man who had entered the nipa hut in so strange a manner, shortly after midnight on the night of the attack.

Frightened by the continual repetitions, people left the city to live in nipa houses and under tents.

Sigalong River, close by the Trusan waters, a place where the nipa palms make shade and rustle their long leaves in the slightest touch of wind.

Sometimes now, when there is rain upon the roof an when the fire crackles on the hearth, sometimes I will member: the bow wash about the hull, the rustling of nipa palms, the calm waters of a shallow lagoon.