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The Collaborative International Dictionary

nin \nin\ [Fr. ne in.] Not in. [Obs.]


n. (context dialect Liverpool English) Affectionate name for a grandmother.

NIN (magazine)

NIN ( Serbian Cyrillic: НИН) is a weekly newsmagazine published in Belgrade, Serbia. Its name is an acronym for Nedeljne informativne novine (Недељне информативне новине) which roughly translates into Weekly Informational Newspaper.

Though a current events magazine in its essence, NIN also earned an esteemed reputation due to a long tradition of opening its pages to the best and the brightest within Serbian, and previously Yugoslav society, whether in arts, sciences, or even sports. This reputation has recently somewhat been tarnished as the magazine was forced into commercial competition with numerous political periodicals that sprung up in Serbia after the collapse of socialism. Since then, NIN has adopted a slightly more populist tone, though it is still highly regarded.

, the magazine had 35 employees.

In July 2008, the magazine celebrated the release of its 3000th issue. On March 13, 2009 it was announced that majority stake in the magazine was bought by Swiss media company Ringier AG.


Nin or NIN may refer to:

  • Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, a neuroscience research institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Nine Inch Nails, an American industrial rock project of Trent Reznor
  • NIN (magazine), a Serbian political magazine
  • NIN (cuneiform), the Sumerian sign for lady
  • NIN (gene), a human gene
  • Nion or Nin, a letter in the Ogham alphabet
  • National identification number, a system used by governments around the world to keep track of their citizens
  • Akira Nishitani (aka NIN), co-creator of the game Street Fighter II
  • Nin-Nin, a character in the erotic anime and manga series La Blue Girl
  • Nin, Croatia, a town in the Zadar county of Croatia
  • National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad
NIN (cuneiform)

The Sumerian word NIN (from the Akkadian pronunciation of the sign EREŠ) was used to denote a queen or a priestess, and is often translated as "lady". Other translations include "queen", "mistress", "proprietress", and "lord".

Many goddesses are called NIN, such as NIN.GAL ("great lady"), É.NIN.GAL ("lady of the great temple"), EREŠ.KI.GAL, and NIN.TI.

The compound form NIN. DINGIR ("divine lady" or "lady of [a] god"), from the Akkadian entu, denotes a priestess.

NIN (gene)

Ninein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the NIN gene. Ninein, together with its paralog Ninein-like protein is one of the proteins important for centrosomal function. This protein is important for positioning and anchoring the microtubules minus-ends in epithelial cells. Localization of this protein to the centrosome requires three leucine zippers in the central coiled-coil domain. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants that encode different isoforms have been reported.

Usage examples of "nin".

If he had been Sev, Niner would have known exactly what he was doing, even without looking.

But Niner thought he probably would, and he admired the Padawan all the more for that.

Backing up to a convenient ledge on the port bulkhead, Niner unclipped his backpack.

He lunged forward and shoulder-charged Niner out of the hatch, grabbing the door frame just in time to stop from plunging after him.

It was clear from the stream of expletives that Niner was not expecting this, nor was he happy about it.

All the nonhuman life Niner had ever seen for real, other than Kaminoans and various instructors, had been on Geonosis and through a blaster sight.

ID, Niner suspectedand marched calmly away, back down their approach route.

When Niner got within visual range of it, there were no trees to be found.

When Niner managed to get into a kneeling position he could see a thoroughly shattered pile of droid, a bit closer to him than the line.

They waited, watching: Niner could hear Atin a few meters away, gathering up equipment and assembling it, ready to pull out.

He reached into the barq for his helmet and detached the comlink, just in case Niner tried to contact him.

One droid, its wheels as high as Niner was tall, swung its bucket scoop unexpectedly and struck his shoulder plate a glancing blow.

Sev, Niner would have known exactly what he was doing, even without looking.

He was too professional and disciplined to slam it on the ground, but Niner picked up on the slight sag of his shoulders.

It looked like the Weequays had been hiding out here, and Niner was pretty sure he knew who they had been avoiding.