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Nims (river)

The Nims is a 61-kilometre-long, left-hand tributary of the River Prüm in the South Eifel region of the Eifel Mountains. It runs through the county of Bitburg-Prüm in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Nims (surname)

Nims is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Arthur Nims (born 1923), United States Tax Court judge
  • John Frederick Nims (1913–1999), American poet
  • Kenny Nims (born 1987), American lacrosse player

Nims may refer to:

  • New Indian Model School, a group of schools in United Arab Emirates providing education up to the Higher Secondary Level
  • National Incident Management System, used in the United States to coordinate emergency preparedness and incident management among various federal, state, and local agencies
  • National Institute for Materials Science, a Japanese research institution
  • NIMS University, in Jaipur, India.
  • Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, a medical university in Telangana, India
  • Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, a device on the spacecraft Galileo
  • Nims (river), in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, left tributary of the Prüm
  • Nims (surname)

Usage examples of "nims".

From the corner of her eye Anna could see Leonard Nims planted just outside the tent flaps, the only agitation between two lines of patient firefighters.

Little enough I bet even old man Nims could carry them up the hill without breaking a sweat.

LeFleur, Crew Boss, Newton Hamlin, Leonard Nims, Howard Black Elk, Joseph Hayhurst, Jennifer Short, Lawrence Gonzales and Hugh Pepperdine.

Stephen Lindstrom, Leonard Nims and Hugh Pepperdine were still unaccounted for.

Unless Nims had been killed by a psychotic, something he had seen, done, said, been or tried for had gotten him killed.

Categories and cross references fell into place: LeFleur, Nims, Gonzales, Pepperdine, Short, Black Elk and Hayhurst were from the Four Corners area.

If this had been the Orient Express and Nims the body with the myriad wounds, the mystery would have been a lot simpler.

The murderer knifed Nims during the firestorm and exited the shelter after the firestorm.

Considered in the light of reality, a commodity Anna felt had been sorely compromised by nature over the past hours, the murderer had therefore to enter the tent before the burn, remain inside with Nims, murder him, wait out the storm with the corpse, then exit and reconstruct the tent.

Sand beneath the body was compressed into the shape of chest and limbs as if Nims had tried to squeeze himself into the earth to escape the fire or his assailant.

To soak the glove so completely, Nims must have grabbed at the knife as it went in.

He was also not in a position to say why Nims had left the BLM in Susanville, California, to accept a position three years later at a lower pay grade.

Stanton guessed either his earlier reticence sprang from a sincere attachment to Nims or his sudden forthcoming attitude bespoke a pointed dislike of LeFleur.

If he believed Nims was all that stood between him and professional advancement it would suffice.

Leonard Nims wrote Environmental Impact Statements, the documents that, in essence, granted or denied commercial interests permission to dig, drill, ditch or otherwise disturb culturally sensitive areas in northern New Mexico.