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Etymology 1 adv. 1 At night. 2 Every night. Etymology 2

n. (plural of night English)

Nights (character)

Nights (trademarked and officially written as NiGHTS) is a video game character from the games Nights into Dreams... and Nights: Journey of Dreams, developed and published by Sega. Nights is a "Nightmaren" who resides in Nightopia, a dream world where the dreams of all human beings are acted out every night.

Nights (Ed Bruce song)

"Nights" is a song written by Byron Hill and Tony Hiller, and recorded by American country music artist Ed Bruce. It was released in April 1986 as the first single from the album Night Things. The song reached number 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Usage examples of "nights".

She lovingly bore it everywhere we journeyed and, in palace or karwansarai or yurtu or on open camp ground, Hui-sheng made sure that the sweet scent of warm clover after a gentle rain was the accompaniment of all our nights.

Nights and Days in Labour that they might become more learned in their Art, whence more certain health would accrew to the sick with their estimation and greater glory to themselves.

Bullets at almost immediate range had barely pierced the tough hide of the alligator they had bagged two nights before.

There were, however, specifications on record as to what mechanical amplification was permitted the management of the Fact, the frequency of the programming and the nights on which public gatherings could be held and the maximum number of people permitted to gather.

It rained for forty days and forty nights, and the waters rose through the roots of the banyan and rose through the branches until only the youngest leaves showed above the flood, and at last even these were submerged.

Mrs Bedo had often had bad nights, and several times had desired that she should not be awakened till she rang.

On this occasion Bernard sat there with Angela, watching the bright crackle of the wood and feeling that the charm of winter nights had begun.

Gaultry and Mervion had cried many nights, remembering that long summer month at Blas Lodge and wondering what they had done that had convinced their father that they could have no place there.

She wanted freedom, a wide horizon, the great winds, the great sun, the terrible spaces, the glowing, shimmering radiance, the hot, entrancing moons and bloomy, purple nights of Africa.

Briony had always believed that it was thoughts of his dead wife that tormented him so badly on those nights that he could not sleep: he always spoke of their mother Meriel as though he had loved her very much, even though the marriage had originally been arranged by his father, King Ustin, when Olin and Meriel, the daughter of a powerful Brennish duke, were both very young.

Jack Herring and Somerville the Briefless went that night with Johnny and his sister to the theatre--and on other nights.

He had lived in Dock Street, Hull, and Brigg imagined him growing up there with the fishy smells coming off the docks, and the mist, thin and horizontal, lying like resting ghosts along the street on mid-winter nights.

Two nights now, that brisket had rested inside the little house with the revolving door.

Captain Bullen had radioed the federal authorities and then forgotten about it, or would have forgotten about it were it not that twice in the following two nights our radarscope had shown a mysterious vessel, without navigation lights, closing up from astern, then vanishing before dawn.

I figured to give Sam three nights to get the owners of his new domicile time to get used to the idea that they had more than mice in their attic, but the very next afternoon a little Italian feller with glasses and an umbrella came calling on me while I was grabbing some expresso at a local streetside cafe.