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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ SkyNews also broadcasts a live parliamentary report and covers the House in its nightly news bulletins.
▪ After the crime, patriot leaders appeared on nightly news and talk shows, spewing righteousness and anger.
▪ A nightly news programme, involving late inclusions and enforced changes in running order, is bound to be frenetic.
▪ It would be more profound, more telling and considerably more painful than even what the nightly news has served.
▪ Hell, the nightly news is tough to watch.
▪ But with the help of DeMoss, Promise Keepers has been featured in every major news magazine and nightly news broadcast.
▪ Understandably, her death was the lead story on the nightly news that evening.
▪ Barring the nightly message of encouragement captain Kardar stuck to his bathroom mirror, there were no instructions from the skipper.
▪ He went the rounds of other bedrooms, to bestow his nightly blessing on the women residents.
▪ It could even, in a pinch, get him off the hook for the nightly walk to the monument.
▪ It would be more profound, more telling and considerably more painful than even what the nightly news has served.
▪ The nightly rigmarole of getting her settled is finally over.
▪ The nightly shows were professional, fresh, well lit and beautifully costumed by Bob Mackie.
▪ The chapel is open to the public until midnight, after nightly prayer.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nightly \Night"ly\, a. Of or pertaining to the night, or to every night; happening or done by night, or every night; as, nightly shades; he kept nightly vigils.


Nightly \Night"ly\, adv. At night; every night.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English nihtlic "nocturnal, of the night, at night;" see night + -ly (1). As an adverb, Middle English nihtlich, from the adjective.


a. 1 Happening or appearing in the night; night-time; nocturnal. 2 Performing, occurring, or taking place every night. 3 Used in the night. adv. Every night. n. (context computing English) A build of a software program with the latest changes, released every night.

  1. adj. happening every night; "nightly television now goes on until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m."

  2. adv. at the end of each day; "she checks on her roses nightly" [syn: every night]


Nightly may refer to:

  • An event which occurs once every night.
  • A nightly build of any software
  • The nightly build of Mozilla Firefox
  • The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, a late-night panel talk show hosted by Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central

Usage examples of "nightly".

The family that runs this place makes guests feel extra welcome and serves wine and plenty of appetizers nightly, along with a hotel-staff hospitality in the inviting living room.

Spoleto Festival, Buccaneer Days was a nonstop extravaganza of parties, masked balls, parades, street fairs, a beauty pageant, and nightly sea battles.

For help with that selection I turned to Locusta, whom I saw almost nightly.

Across Puget Sound the myriad denizens of the metroplex were going about their nightly business.

For four days they journeyed through deep woods carpeted with the leaves of a thousand autumns, where at midmost noon twilight dwelt among hushed woodland noises, and solemn eyeballs glared nightly between the tree-trunks, gazing on the Demons as they marched or took their rest.

Ennet House residency, the agonizing desire to ingest synthetic narcotics had been mysteriously magically removed from Don Gately, just like the House Staff and the Crocodiles at the White Flag Group had said it would if he pounded out the nightly meetings and stayed minimally open and willing to persistently ask some extremely vague Higher Power to remove it.

At first Tucker had tried to discourage Laura from taking these nightly jaunts, because she feared Frank Parcher might threaten or harm her in the way of a warning to Tucker.

First when he was a cocky teenager looking for his nightly fix of spaceflight tales, then when he was scavenging, lying about how much he made and the unbelievable find that had just slipped from his fingers, and now as one of the super-elite, a starship owner-captain, one of the youngest ever.

His fleet of Stealth transports made nightly flights over England, distributing their wares to a country-wide network of spivs like demonic Santas.

In the distance, cows lowed, the crickets had begun their nightly stridulations, and the frogs in the Ef lowlands warbled throaty tunes.

He had a slight undercoating of fat all over his body, produced perhaps by nightly access to beer.

And outside, the nightly chorus of hermit crabs, their claws clicking on the rocks, their stolen shell houses clanking as they scuttled, was an undernote to the high squealing bray of one of the wild donkeys come down to raid garden patches in the town.

Shame and unslakable passion bound Augustus closer to her than if their mutual longings had been nightly satisfied or than if she had borne him a dozen fine children.

Colonel Warrender came marching up the battlements on his nightly inspection of the fort.

Sir Stefan as he went to do his nightly guard duty, heavily bundled against the wintery night.