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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After he had gone I found that my nightie was covered in a horrible sticky mess with a strange sour smell.
▪ Carrie sat cross-legged beside me, her tummy huge under her nightie.
▪ Could you picture Fat Pat in her red nightie and fishnets and keep your tea down?
▪ He felt her nightie brush his ear.
▪ Maybe you have to throw a coat over your nightie and pick them up from miles away in the car.
▪ She slipped into her nightie and slid into bed beside Tom, who was asleep and breathing through his mouth.
▪ Something big was going to happen and it wasn't going to start in Olivia's nightie.
▪ The nighties went on sale this afternoon.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

nightie \nightie\ n.

  1. Any loose-fitting clothing for wear in bed.

  2. Especially: a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women; a nightgown.

    Syn: nightgown, night-robe, nightdress.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1871, short for nightgown; originally a children's word.


alt. (context informal English) A woman's nightgown or nightdress; a dress-like garment worn to bed. n. (context informal English) A woman's nightgown or nightdress; a dress-like garment worn to bed.


n. lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women [syn: nightgown, night-robe, nightdress]

Usage examples of "nightie".

Harriet finished her breakfast and went upstairs to get the presents she had brought from England and had saved until this moment--Blue Grass cologne for Mevrouw Van Minn en, tobacco for the doctor, undies for Sieske which she had admired when they had gone shopping together in England, and wisps of nighties for Maggina and Taeike.

Midge Prentice, white face a mask of terror, her bunched nightie gripped convulsively in a small hot hand.

Go and take a bath, Claribel, and get into your nightie and dressing-gown while I make some sandwiches for our supper.

She counted five different nighties of varying styles, colors, and levels of transparency as well as a black teddy with snaps that went from the crotch to her breasts.

Women, or those who sell to them, created panties, scanties and nighties, while male merchandising is designed to make even the puniest man feel outdoorsy.

She was rather concerned, Ellie, that you might suffer from the flannel nightie and woolly bedsocks syndrome.

In her punkier days Polly would not have thought twice about receiving guests in a nightie and a plastic mac, but times had changed.

Kewpie dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Raggedy Ann, and numerous other varieties, both old and new, some more than three feet tall, some smaller than a milk carton, were dressed in diapers, snowsuits, elaborate bridal dresses, checkered rompers, cowboy outfits, tennis togs, pajamas, hula skirts, kimonos, clown suits, overalls, nighties, and sailor suits.

Then, while the color television flashes and rumbles in the background, they sprawl about the sitting room in nighties and dressing gowns, angelically aglow in the penthouse cloudscape, sipping coffee from French-style bowls and talking about their respective nights out.

He got his hands  under the skirt of her nightie and squeezed her high, round asscheeks.

He got his hands under the skirt of her nightie and squeezed her high, round asscheeks.

Upon a silken eiderdown lay stockings and bras, panties and babydoll nighties.

Kimberly, who was wearing a babydoll nightie but no panties, daintily clipped several rounds of ammo along the bosom of her nightie.

The short babydoll nighties my mother used to wear were out of style, replaced by long flannel gowns that went from neck to knees, but I managed to find a silky satin chemise, chocolate brown with ivory lace trim.

Something down the street caught my eye, though, a lacy yellow negligee in a window display, the kind of short babydoll nightie that my mother used to wear.