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n. (qualifier: only in combinations) Someone or something who does something for a certain number of nights

Usage examples of "nighter".

The Nighter threw himself into every stride, swaying precariously on his weak leg.

A gimpy Nighter trailing after a respectably dressed merchant attracted extra attention.

Bezul, this has nothing to do with that Nighter stinking up the front room.

I realized what the Nighter had baiting his traps, I should have come to you and let you handle everything: getting it away from the Nighter and finding a buyer, too.

I could do is break it into little pieces, but the Nighter wants it back.

Those Nighters were using a fish-eye attractor as bait in their crab traps!

I had tied the ground wire to the radiator, and I would lie there with my coloring books and my Crayolas (when there were only sixteen colors in the big box), and listen to the NBC red network: Jack Benny on the Jell-O Program, Amos n Andy, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on the Chase and Sanborn Program, One Mans Family, First Nighter.

For rooms, I'd tell a guy to take the no-tell motel outside the walls and leave all his stuff in the van, but if I were you I'd honestly pick up an Urbie dude for a one nighter before I did that 'cause it's not exactly your high-rent district.