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Usage examples of "nien".

But over a decade ago Lando Calrissian had purchased the mines, setting up his friend and copilot Nien Nunb as their administrator.

In the Millennium Falcon, borrowed from Han Solo, Nien Nunb had served as copilot when Lando made his desperate run to destroy the second Death Star.

Nervous by nature, Nien Nunb had been certain they would die in the attempt .

Seeing the opportunity to increase the potency of the andris (and their profits as well), Nien Nunb and his workers had recently completed installing a carbon-freezing facility in the main processing center.

The tall secondary administrator had solid pale green eyes with no pupils Nien Nunb could see.

A moment later, Torvon's hands clutched Nien Nunb's vest and began to drag him out.

His hand still clutched Nien Nunb's vest-not frozen, but no longer alive.

When they were finally led into the Chief Administrator's underground office, mousy little Nien Nunb got up, came around his low desk, and greeted each of them effusively, although they did not actually know one another.

Em Teedee promptly provided translation services, since Nien Nunb's Basic was difficult to understand.

Once that was taken care of, Nien Nunb listened carefully to their description of the encounter with the former gunrunner.

Second Administrator Kymn stepped close to Nien Nunb, as if eager to observe his surprise.

In front of them appeared the image of the silver-visored Czethros seated in Nien Nunb's own administrative offices.

Only one guard remained standing in front of the security field by the prison quarters where Nien Nunb and the Kessel workers were held.

The crackling shimmer in the air faded, and Nien Nunb and his companions rushed out.

Once inside, Nien Nunb keyed his administrative codes into the computers.